Share-Original® and Share-Pomelozzini®


Share® products are natural foods---they are fruits that have been known for their health benefits, like garlic or beet root, except that they are as delicious as a tasty snack.

These fruits have been fermented much the same as Sauerkraut, Kombucha or Kimchi (and many other food items) and are without artificial preservatives.

Fermentation is known to be beneficial in food conservation as it promotes good bacteria and therefore improves the immune system, makes macronutrients more easily digested, and increases bioavailability of micronutrients such as important vitamins and minerals.

Fermentation is an old tradition---an art that has been passed down through generations and centuries in many countries, and often kept secret.

Share® combines these two powerful elements (healthy food and fermentation) leading to great results if consumed regularly.

How is it best to consume Share® products?

It is best to accompany fermented foods with warm water, therefore we recommend following your Share® product with approximately two cups of warm (not hot) water.

Also, the body rejuvenates at night, and as you sleep it gets rid of toxins as a natural cleansing process. Share® products may help this process, so consider taking them in the evening before you go to bed.

Fermented food aids digestion, and if you are not used to eating them, consider starting with half a fruit.

How long should I take Share®?
Share® can be a permanent part of your healthy diet, or considered a nutritional snack in place of unhealthy sweets.

Once you begin using Share® fruits you probably will want to continue enjoying their benefits indefinitely!